North County Hot Spots

An '80s baby's guide to Tequesta, Jupiter and Lake Park, Hobe Sound

Jupiter is known for its natural beauty, wealthy lifestyle, and large number of older residents. But along its pristine coast of river and ocean, the mansions and yachts, and expensive cost of living, the millennial emerges — cut from the strange, ever-diminishing cloth of (upper) middle class suburbs.

Jupiter millennials — some high school grads with trade jobs and others back from college with no jobs — appear sporadically throughout the town. They may not always form a homogenous body of lumped behaviors, but there are a few places in Jupiter you should check out if you are a millennial or a millennial-at-heart.

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Here are our top eight spots:

Jupiter Music Store

Guitars are everywhere at Jupiter Music Store, find the one that's right for you. (Nick Manzino)

Jupiter Music is an old-school, brick-and-mortar business in Jupiter, which opened its doors in September 1988 and this local music shop has been an incubator for musicians ever since. Steve Zamponi founded Jupiter Music, and you will still find him in the store giving lessons, talking to customers and greeting old students. Walls are lined with axes of every shape of doom, amps and gear build upward, surrounded by eclectic instruments — from saxophones and clarinets to violins and banjos.

Electric guitars are a big seller at Jupiter Music. (Nick Manzino)

Electric guitars are a big seller at Jupiter Music. (Nick Manzino)

Talking to millennials Adam Merkt and Galen Rowe (both guitar teachers and local musicians), they give me a brief tour and background of the shop. “We teach everything short of the bag pipes. We’ve even taught sitar,” says Galen. These guys are teachers by day and musicians by night where they play for local bands such as Firefish (jazz trio), Stankfoot (acoustic rock cover) and Jahzilla (electric rock cover).
Jupiter Music Store sponsors charity events like Ernie Els for Autism, donates lessons to organizations like Shriner’s, rents instruments to nearby schools and teaches youngsters who aspire to play music.
Jupiter Music Store: 275 Toney Penna Dr. #2, Jupiter; 561-746-0545

Maxi's Lineup

Interior view of Maxi's Lineup in Jupiter. (Bill Ingram/Palm Beach Post)

Speaking of music…let’s see what’s happening at Maxi’s Lineup. This little bar sits next door to Food Shack and serves classic fish dishes like sweet potato-encrusted Grouper and a massive Indoroni pasta dish. Yum.

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Sweet potato grouper, green bean mango salad at Maxi's Lineup in Jupiter.(Bill Ingram\/Palm Beach Post)

Sweet potato grouper, green bean mango salad at Maxi's Lineup in Jupiter.(Bill Ingram/Palm Beach Post)

To hear good live music in Jupiter, many times Millennials must search the most unsuspecting places. For instance, Maxi’s shares a large plaza with Publix and a dozen or so shops, tucked past aisles of parking, farthest from the road’s plain view. Let’s go inside: The venue is small, the stage is squeezed to the left as you enter, and the bar and hightop tables line either side of the wall. Maxi’s serves food until 11 p.m. and makes a great late-night meal. The beer selection includes craft beer, and the 22 oz. Bell’s Lager is where it’s at.

You’ll find a great mix of people here, all of whom know the deal: Jupiter is a pay-to-play kind of town. You have to bring your wallet if you want to drink and entertain the Jupiter nightlife.
Maxi's Lineup: 103 S. US Hwy. 1, Ste. D2, Jupiter; 561-741-3626

Oceana Coffee

The second location of Oceana Coffee features a larger lounge space. (

Jupiter throws a party, no doubt. But what happens in the morning? Before the beach, where do you go to dispel the lingering grog of last night’s drunken hour? Check out Oceana Coffee on Dixie in Tequesta to enjoy meticulously brewed coffee, a cozy lounge with great music and southern hospitality. The joe comes from all over the world to be roasted here with the utmost love and attention. Don’t pass up this unique coffee lounge for something a little different.

 A beautiful glass of espresso sits, freshly made, at Oceana Coffee. The espresso was made using a naked porta filter. (

 A beautiful glass of espresso sits, freshly made, at Oceana Coffee. The espresso was made using a naked porta filter. (

You can find Oceana coffee in many restaurants, bakeries and shops in Jupiter, but its original location is on Dixie, hidden along the train tracks in a small building.
Oceana Coffee has two locations in Tequesta. Check their websitefor more information.

Blueline Surf & Paddle

Meghan Varner, of Blueline Paddle Surf, helps Sophia Saade of Palm Beach Gardens, steer a paddle board during an event at Blueline Paddle Surf in Jupiter. (Palm Beach Post staff photo)

Watersports are an essential part of the Jupiter lifestyle, especially for millennials. If you don’t have your own boat, the best way to get on the water is by renting a paddleboard or kayak from Blueline Surf & Paddle. It’s $20 per hour to get on the river and tour the mangroves, anchored vessels, and old bridges.

“Paddleboarding is a great way to get out on Jupiter’s waterways and loosen up; it’s very therapeutic,” says Mason Brinich, a young Jupiter local and Blueline staffer.

Events at Blueline include:
A Full Moon Paddle at 7:30 p.m. every full moon
Yoga Thursdays at 6 p.m.
Race League Tuesday night at 6 p.m.
Get an eco tour by appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
Blueline Surf & Paddle: 997 Florida A1A, Jupiter; 561-744-7474

Square Grouper Tiki Bar

With views of the Jupiter Lighthouse, every spot is picture perfect at Square Grouper. (MeghanFaiella)

If Jupiter’s lifestyle is primarily a rich man’s game, can’t budgeting millennials splurge every once in a while to have a good time? At Square Grouper, treat yourself to a Pina Colada w/ Sailor Jerry Rum floaters. This beachy, waterfront bar overlooks the Jupiter inlet and the historic Lighthouse. There’s great live music, several bar stations and small parlor tables scattered around the picturesque view. Pelicans spy the fishermen bringing in the day’s catch; beautiful people dance and drink to the positive vibes; and paradise sets in. Square Grouper is a great bar with postcard views of Florida’s skies.
Square Grouper: 1111 Love Street, Jupiter; 561-575-0252

The Brewhouse Gallery

The Seagrape Souljahs play at The Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park. (Damon Higgins/The Palm Beach Post)

The best open mic, hands down. Period. The Brewhouse Gallery raises the standard every Thursday night from comedians and singer-songwriters to poets and just good old talent, they’re all there. Now you’re not paying for the entertainment, so beer ain’t cheap! Yes, I bought the cheapest beer: a $4 mystery beer. Miller Lite solved that mystery.

Wayne Felber, the open mic host, introduces each act before they perform. “I take the best 5 or 6 people from these open mics and let them play shows on Sundays for tips. They make great money and get a better opportunity to play for more people,” he explains.

Art hangs on the wall in The Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park. (Damon Higgins \/ The Palm Beach Post) 

Art hangs on the wall in The Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park. (Damon Higgins / The Palm Beach Post) 

Don’t forget the gallery part: The art spans the spectrum of media — digital, oil, photography and more — to unify the aesthetic chaos that is Brewhouse Gallery’s beauty and charm.
The Brewhouse Gallery: 720 Park Ave., Lake Park; 561-469-8930

Chuckles Favorite Things

Chuckles Favorite Things: Books in every room, around every corner! (Nick Manzino)

Beyond the small, unassuming iron gates of Chuckles Favorite Things in Hobe Sound, you will find a rabbit’s hole of treasures: used books — classics, rarities, pulp, foreign and every genre imaginable — and furniture to satisfy tastes from art to utility, antique to contemporary.

Their clientele ranges from dealers to customers, public officials to professors, retirees to students, and south Florida locals and snowbirds alike. People from the most diverse backgrounds find this one-of-a-kind shop as a haven for the best-priced used books and furniture in south Florida.

Striking, though, is the amount of young people who keep book sales at a steady pace. Despite this unprecedented age of digital fixation, millennials are collecting and devouring unique 1960s paperbacks, rare classic editions, and straight-up printed words.
Chuckles Favorite Things: 9045 SE Bridge Rd., Ste. C, Hobe Sound; 772-545-2070

Confusion Records

Confusion Records in Lake Park. (Bill Ingram/The Palm Beach Post)

Bred by endless summers of MTV, our generation has a penchant for music and media. It’s not uncommon to find a stash of vinyl in your friend’s room. That is exactly what you find at Confusion Records too: from jazz giants like Stan Getz, Benny Goodman, Fats and Brubeck to revered hip hop artists MF Doom and J Dilla and more.

Confusion Records is in the business of pleasing the peculiar breed of Gen-M — at the intersection of many different styles, we are varied in our taste yet bored easily. Our quest for up and coming as well as older genres and artists takes us into Confusion Records: a trove of new and used music and ephemera.
Confusion Records: 846 Park Ave., Lake Park; 561-848-1882